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The electrical energy to power their "Electrolyser" is generated by the on-board car battery. Moreover, further problems arise due to a higher combustion temperature of hydrogen and result in www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf a high. 39 Server at www. During a jp recent conference, Genepax unveiled a fuel cell stack with a rated output of 120W and a fuel cell system with a rated output of 300W--and there are plans for a 1kw-class generation system for use in both electric vehicles and houses sometime in the future.

press_20080612 com, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. I was thinking and thinking about everything, and trying to put the pieces together as to "WHY" would they attack www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf Japan? During operation, the metal hydrid will be used up and serve as the actual energy source. The efficiency of an alternator is usually clearly lower than the efficiency of optimized generators; additionally, alternators have to provide electrical output at various and often unfavourable rotational speeds. The generator then releases electrons that produce electric power to run the car.

これはすごい* 水から電流を取り出すことを可能にした新しい発電システム 「ウォーターエネルギーシステム」を 見に行ってきました www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf - gigazine*. The vehicle Genepax demonstrated to the press in was a REVAi electric car, which was manufactured in India and sold in the UK as the G-Wiz. See also: Spritsparkarte. 新技術に対する、効果の評価は難しい。 pdf 石油価格の異様な値上がりを阻止する、救世主と言えるような新エネルギー技術が.

Quality food service packaging starts with Genpak. Since the electrical energy taken jp from pdf the alternator would have to surpass the engine output, the missing energy to keep the engine running for a long time has to be supplied by ways based on esoteric hypotheses lacking scientific recognition. . The necessary electrical genepax energy pdf to create the oxyhydrogen with a small electrolysis cell is taken from the alternator and/or a car battery.

Sensationelle Videodokumentation ber den gr ten Umweltskandal www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf aller Zeiten: Die L ge vom menschengemachten Klimawandel. 000 Dollars from a Dr. Kiyoshi Hirasawa, President. Dingel, who claimed he was not interested www in money, had taken 410.

Appliance of special high temperature electrolysis at about 800 degrees allows to achieve an efficiency of up to 98%. After receiving the money, Dingel no longer responded to emails but presented alleged higher offers from competing companies. A tinkerer and con man named Daniel Dingel from Manila received worldwide attention www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf when he brought up a "water-powered" car. baking powder, is added.

1 :( press_20080612 ・ ・) < 「エンジン」は、そろそろ終わりかなぁ~。 :/05/14(水) 07:49:54 ID:yvZAcHQ7 おもちゃの「ポンポン蒸気」から、「ハイブリッド機関」まで、面白いエンジンの話、大いに語りましょう。. com anklickt, erlebt eine Überraschung. Shady profiteers sell refitting kits (e. jp was registered only on, a mere five weeks ago. pdf www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf jp 暮らし 本の内容によらず( www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf マンガ とか www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf ラノベ とか 雑誌 とかは論外として)、単純に読んだ冊数が多い=偉い、冊数が少ない= 馬鹿 、という争いをしてるのをたまに見るんだけどあれ 意味 あん の?.

Auto na www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf vodu - konacno napravljen! 組織種別 www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf 株式会社 l. Further concepts discussed by supporters of such concepts are Space Energyand neutrinos (Neutrinolysis). Genepax: Review Of Gas Saving Electric, HHO Kits Like Gas2Electric, water4gas and gas4free. With alkali metals (sodium), hydrogen may be won from water: Unfortunately, this would not only set free hydrogen; but oxygen will be bound to the metal and cannot be used. Domain Information: ドメイン情報 a. Another interesting fact is that genepax. As www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf we all know, we are running against the clock − much like an action thriller, where we.

各メディアでも大絶賛報道中の、水から. Dingel claimed his Toyota Corolla was powered by www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf the energy of imploding compressed ether energy. ドメイン名 GENEPAX. そしきめい かぶしきがいしゃあいあくと f. Über Genepax in Japan findet man al-lerdings keine Informationen. Whichever way you look at it, the story quickly falls apart, but the journalists hardly seem to notice.

The company Fiss-Management from Erfurt, Germany (enjoying a rather damaged reputation because of a warning by the Federal www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf Agency for Financial Market Supervision and by "Test" magazine and probably not more than a one-man-show) offers an on-board-electrolysis cell for passenger cars (2,260 €) and trucks (9,520 €). A toy press_20080612 car powered by a jp small fuel cell is marketed with the brand name www of H2GO, too. Hydrogen gas is then used as fuel. Applicant: SUEMATSU MITSURU. .

See full list on psiram. John Ding Young of Taiwanese Formosa Plastics Group in, allegedly www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf to continue research on his method. Applicant: SUEMATSU MITSURU (JP) KIM SANG HOON (KR) KR. Subtotal: Shipping, taxes, and press_20080612 discounts will be calculated at Checkout. この記事に対して20件のコメントがあります。コメントは「アレ」、「ウォーターエネルギーシステム(WES)の開発など、コップ1杯の水が地球を支えるエネルギーに。未来を変える「ジェネパックス」。」、「永久機関」、「動画見てスゲーなと思ったら、OHPからナントカ還元水の気配がしてよも. Webseite zu Genepax. Genepax did www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf not reveal the exact nature of the energy source and genepax manufacturers just refer to an unspecified "energy generator" for its Water Energy System (WES), which allegedly is able to split hydrogen from water using some kind of metal hydride and a "chemical reaction".

It’s real medicine made clean because that’s what people deserve. Applicant: SUEMATSU pdf MITSURU MAEDA JUNICHIRO. genepax gas saving tips: improve gas mileage with Gas2electric kit, gas4free and water4gas hydrogen gas saver. · The only real definitive claim Genepax makes on its Web site is that its process is going to save the world www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf from global warming. El sistema puede generar energía sólo proveyendo agua y. 000 Dollars in damages. Download des vollst ndigen pdf Berichts als PDF-Dokument (50 Seiten, 1,8 MB) 20. jp - 1) Publication www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf press_20080612 number:WATER ENERGY SYSTEM - The water energy system 1 has a cell pdf in which a www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf fuel electrode 3 and an oxygen electrode 4 are faced with each other through a catalyst 2 same as a general fuel cell.

Genepax Co Ltd explained the technologies used in its new fuel cell system "Water Energy System (WES)," which uses water as a fuel and does not emit CO2. Im Februar stellte die Firma ihre Webseite genepax. Von Matthes Haug wird Genepax nach wie vor als Auto beworben, das mit Wasser fahre. The car therefore is.

Such a construction can work for a limited span of time – i. The product of the reaction press_20080612 is again water. Optimal electrolysis www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf at room temperature (platinum electrodes and optimal potential but not more than 14V) has a maximal genepax efficiency of ≈60%.

explicó la tecnología usada en su nuevo sistema de célula de combustible ”Water Energy System www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf (WES), "que pdf usa agua como combustible y no emite CO2". Turn your car a water hybrid check out our hydrogen kit review of: water4gas, gas4free, run car with water and drive with water fuel. GeneDx believes in responsible testing that is based on established medical pdf guidelines, and we aim to be completely transparent with our pricing so that patients, clinicians, and payers know the cost of the test. Kad se sazme ovo sto su Japanci pdf napravili radi se o generatoru koji korsiti neki poseban materijal koji u hemijskoj reakciji vodu rastace www na kiseonik i vodonik, genepax od cega se vodonik odmah koristi za proizvodnju elektricne struje tako da nema potrebe za skladistenjem. Otto engines only achieve an efficiency of about 30-40%. A water-fuelled press_20080612 car is an automobile that supposedly www pdf derives its energy directly from water.

All www water-fuelled car models discussed so far "work" on pdf www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf the same principle: By electrolysis, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen under energy consumption and a normal internal combustion engine is then run on oxyhydrogen. press_20080612 Ronn claims pdf consumption was reduced by 20% to 25% and CO2-emission was reduced by 90%. at eBay) which are allegedly enables the conversion www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf of a car with a regular combustion engine into a water-fuelled car. Bush (the main Evil Illuminati Gangster Cabal Leaders)! citation needed In early, Genepax announced they were closing their website, citing large development costs. Free shipping only on orders shipping to the U.

El nuevo sistema de la célula de combustible, que utiliza la marca japonesa Genepax, genera electricidad sólo con agua www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf y aire. increase your gas mileage by using hydrogen gas saver. In June, a Japanese company by the name of Genepax Water Energy System presented an electric water-fuel car(Reva) claiming it could be operated by water and air only and needed no more jp than one www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf litre of water from any water source www for pdf a one www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf hour drive at 80 kms/h. Water-fuelled cars have been mentioned in newspapers, popular www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf science magazines, local news coverage, and the internet; at least some of the claims were found to be tied press_20080612 to investment frauds.

quello dell&39;auto ad acqua non và ricaricato, è completamente autonomo, fatti un iro su questo sito che spiega bene: Link a pagina di Genepax. But Dingel was not able to present a "hydrogen generator" and three working cars. It has to be created by using energy. 1 :名無しさん@どっと混む:/06/12(木) 20:27:14 ID:nq8sZU2T0 よくある投資詐欺・永久機関詐欺の類か、 はたまた本当に画期. Read the latest articles of Gene at ScienceDirect.

Then I remember the story of a Japanese company that created pdf a car that ran on water. This principle makes it a perpetual www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf motion device. jp Port 80 24 : オーバーテクナナシー :/06/17(火) 19:37:56 ID:2dtQA92j 被害者がいない限り、また被害届を出さない限り詐欺ではありません。. Dortsteht nun, dass pdf jedermann sein Auto selber mit Plänen von Water-. a little over a month before www product launch.

He was also sentenced www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf to pay 380. That seems awfully recent for a company that claims to have spent years developing this technology. The hydrogen used, created with low efficiency through electrolysis from a small water tank of eleven liters, has to be produced while driving, increasing the consumption.

ACTION www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf PLAN FOR SHIFTING PARADIGM by Jens Jerndal − 3 enough time. The car has an energy generator that extracts hydrogen from water that is poured into the car’s tank. In December news reports announced www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf Dingel, by now 82 year old, had been pdf sentenced to a maximum of 20 years imprisonment by Parañaque City www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf Regional Trial Court for fraud (estafa).

We offer food service containers and dinnerware for almost any application. Er gelangt nicht zu Genepax, sondern - über eine cle-vere Umleitung - direkt zur Werbe-Seite von Water4Gas und Gas4Free. The efficiency ranges between 50 to 62 percent.

Genexa is www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf the first clean medicine company that makes medicine with the same active ingredients you need, but without the artificial ones you don’t. www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf 組織名 株式会社 アイアクト g. A chemical pdf agent necessary to allow electrolysis, e. Profiles www Company: Genepax Co Ltd.

www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf Organization Iact Inc jp k. The domain genepax. Ronn Motor Company from Texas sells the genepax Scorpion, a sports car with an alleged consumption of 6 l/100 km (40 miles per gallon) for 150,000 US-Dollars. At the same time the company claims a 25 year track record in green energy research! Turn your car to a water or an www genepax co jp pdf press_20080612 pdf electric hybrid. Applicant: SUEMATSU MITSURU (JP) KIM KWANG WON (KR) KR. As a result, even reporters of journal Auto-Bild (a German car journal) travelled to the Philippines to report on the scam.

The divices are said to decrease fuel consumption and pollution by engines by adding hydrogen. Kouji Kariatsumari, Nikkei Electronics Genepax Co. The method is called H2GO.

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